Lawn mowing in Olathe

    A Premier Mow Company In Olathe

    Are you looking for Lawn Mowing in Olathe, KS? Then look no further! Logan Total Lawncare has everything you could ever want in a Lawn Mowing Company Near You! We have very punctual employees, who all were given a background check before beginning our interview process. We are fully insured! We are beyond careful on your property, but if an accident were to happen, we would be fully responsible; and fully insured. We have very skilled employees! If you’re hiring a lawn mowing company, you shouldn’t get anything but perfection. We have been Mowing yards for over a decade and are very skilled in striping and edging. We’ll leave your yard looking like the best yard in the neighborhood!

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      Mow Company in Olathe KS

      There are many reasons to hire Logan Total Lawncare as your Mow Company. We possess all the major amenities that a Mow Company Should have!

      • Striping, Your yard will look professionally mowed
      • Edging, We have the most skilled workers when it comes to edging
      • Trimming, We take the time to trim your yard as it deserves
      • Reliable, We show up when we say we will
      • Affordable, We Stay on the low end of the average pricing
      • Professional, We are full insured, and have reliable and safe equipment

      All Mows Include

      We take the time to stripe every yard. We cut in a different direction every few mows to avoid ruts and ripping grass. You will love how your yard looks after we leave!

      When you pay for a lawn mowing service you shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything. We know how much better a yard looks when it’s edged perfectly. We box your yard in and make it look perfectly manicured!

      Leaving grass clippings scattered around hard surfaces or landscape beds is something we never do. We know that’s the final step to a perfect mow, and we are willing to take the extra time to leave your mow service complete!