Retaining Walls in Olathe


    If you’re looking for a retaining wall you’re in the right place. Logan Total Lawncare Specializes in retaining walls, our business was started to do retaining walls exclusively, but we adapted to a plethora of services to better serve our customers.

    There are two things you want to look for in a retaining wall company; price and Knowledge.

    • There are large companies that exclusively do retaining walls who have plenty of knowledge, but since they primarily do massive jobs, you’re going to pay a premium price. Upwards of $50-$60 a Face Foot for retaining walls.
    • Then they are small companies who are desperate for work and will do things for very cheap but you’re going to end up with a poor final product. Cheaply built walls that will never withstand some of the extreme elements we get from Kansas. Extreme heat, extreme cold, Snow, Rain; we get it all.

    That’s why we’re a great fit for 99% of the average homeowners. We charge anywhere from 20-40 a face foot depending on the job (almost half of what the big guys charge), and we have an abundance of experience and modern knowledge to use the industry’s best practices to construct our walls.

    What we Guarantee

    • A wall with a strong base, proper backfill, and drainages that’s built to last
    • An attractive retaining wall that will add curb appeal to your house
    • A wall that’s built at a more than fair price
    • A wall built by trustworthy people (all employees background checked)
    • Call or Text Today (913) 406-3009

    Why Our Walls Don't Fall

    The base is the first and most important step of any wall. We always use premium AB3 for our base. The material isn’t as important as the compaction, which is where we go above and beyond. A minimum of 4 inches of AB3 compacted with a commercial plate compactor is under all of our walls.

    As the wall is being built, backfill is the next most important step. If you don’t have gravel behind your wall, then water will sit behind your wall. Hand stacked walls are built to allow water to trickle through, that’s how you get them to last during harsh elements. If we get snow and it melts during the day and freezes during the night and water stays trapped behind your wall; it will fall over within a couple of years.

    We always add drain tile behind our walls with a drain cap to daylight the water. As mentioned above water is what knocks walls over. Adding drain tile is a little overkill in most scenarios, but it will ensure all water gets out from behind your wall, and we use it every time.

    Geo-Grid is something we use that a lot of small companies don’t. A mesh material that sits in between the layers of the wall and then gets backfill on top of it. The geo-grid uses the weight of the backfill to pull the wall backward and keep it standing up straight. It’s overkill in a lot of situations, but we build every wall like it was outside our own house.

    Using an attractive block is an obvious way to make the final product look great. We have a variety of colors available to match your project and get you the wall that you envisioned. If you want a specific look you can send us photos and we’ll always try our best to find something close

    Cap Stones are what tie the entire project together. Cutting capstones is a skill that takes time to master and we are more than confident in our worker’s ability. We will match the capstone to get you the color you want, and cut them perfectly to finish the wall off.